Freelance wanted: ChangeLogger plugin

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Freelance wanted: ChangeLogger plugin

Postby fotomaster » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:55 pm

I'm looking for a freelancer on this project:

Project name: ChangeLogger plugin for OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc.
Language: Java
Format: sourcecode, plugin builder, OXT file
Sourcecode: Netbeans/Eclipse project.
Budget: 200 USD.

Toolbar: logfile input field, "Open" icon-button, "Help" icon-button
"Open" onClick: add logfile to Calc document properties
"Help" onClick: display modal window with formatted text (bold, color, clickable URLs)

Calc document onOpen: check for the logfile property, fill the logfile input field, make the input field read-only, setup the onModify listener on all sheets and cells, run listener in background.
Sheet onCreate: setup the listener on new sheet.
Sheet onDelete: add delete command with timestamp to the internal stack.
Cell onModify: visually mark cell as modified (red top-right corner).

Calc document onSave: save the logfile property in calc file with other data. Unflushed cell modifications should be saved too.

Logging to file works in background every 30 sec: check for cell modifications, save timestamp, 3 cell coordinates and new value into logfile. Save the command stack as well. Unmark saved cells, empty the command stack.

Please PM me and thank you for your help!
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