HappyLinked© Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary 1899

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HappyLinked© Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary 1899

Postby sukhdev » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:29 am

Good day

have a look at


This is goodbye to electronic glue and huge PDF files. This first time implementation by kedarnath jonnalagadda will leave you wondering why you had not done it years ago! First, you need to face the fact that nobody can read two pages at the same time! Human beings are not spiders! All of us know that our machines chug along with PDF documents that have many pages. So, you can get faster computers or better PDF file readers. OR split huge files into single page PDF files. Are you are afraid of managing 1333 single page PDF files or pictures or anything. Then, I am afraid you will not be able to manage the zillion things you want to. But if you want a pundit like analysis of Sanskrit, or comparitive linguistics of distant languages such Maya of the south and meso Americas or Japanese, or Aborigine languages of Australia. Or wanting to teach your robot a language, you would want to look up the world's most comprehensive Sanskrit English dictionary. And that is Sir Monier Williams - A Sanskrit English Dictionary published in1899. The1333 pages of the dictionary are kept as seperate files, PDF or pictures doesn't matter. HappyLinks© are set up to interface and access these in the spreadsheet program sitting idle in your computer. HappyLinks© Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary Spreadsheet Interface happily links 1333 single page PDF files of the dictionary in the ordinary spreadsheet program sitting in your computer. You can use it for whatever and be methodical and make notes in your study. Furthermore you can now start scheming to send these on to mobile computing devices etc. and dreaming to make the big bucks! You'll need bookmarks, however, to land on the right place on the page! And that will keep you busy until I finish including sounds in my PDF files which is what the Sanskrit language or for that matter any language is about. Heh! Heh!
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