3 Educational Materials Now Available

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Just wanted to let everyone know that educational materials for 3 are now available at my website ( and at the Documentation Site ( Materials include an eBook version of my paperback title "A Conceptual Guide to 3" (ISBN 978-0-9778991-6-6), the manuscript for the book in ODT format for use in creating adaptations and/or native language translations, an online course package for use with the Moodle course management system that coincides with the paperback title, supplemental lesson files and more. All materials have been released under the Sun Public Documentation License (PDL), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, and GNU Free Documentation licenses.

Best regards,
Gabriel Gurley
Author, "A Conceptual Guide to 3"
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Re: 3 Educational Materials Now Available

Post by TheGurkha »

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Cool. Thanks a lot.
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Re: 3 Educational Materials Now Available

Post by acknak »

This looks like a first-class resource for learning to use OOo, as well as for teaching people to use OOo.

Thanks for putting this together and for sharing it so generously with the OOo community! Very impressive.

Just to give the forum users a taste of how this is presented, here are the lesson titles:
  • 1. Overview and Installation of 3
    2. Creating a Resume Using Writer
    3. Formatting a Research Paper Using Writer
    4. Creating a Brochure Using Writer
    5. Creating a Household Expense Spreadsheet Using Calc
    6. Creating a Balance Sheet Using Calc
    7. Creating a Cash Flow Statement Using Calc
    8. Creating a Basic Educational Slide Presentation Using Impress
    9. Creating a Bulk Mailing List Using Base and Writer
    10. Analyzing North Atlantic Hurricane Data Using Base

    A. Quick Guide to Creating and Editing Writer Documents
    B. Quick Guide to Creating and Editing Calc Documents
    C. Quick Guide to Creating and Editing Impress Presentations
    D. Quick Guide to Creating and Editing Base Databases
    E. Answers to Review Questions for Each Lesson
Very practical!

Mr. Gurley has also made available free course materials if you need to teach these skills.

Thanks again for these superb resources.
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Re: 3 Educational Materials Now Available

Post by kall »

I am thrilled to hear about it, let's see what they really got to offer!
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