Forum maintenance coming soon!

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Forum maintenance coming soon!

Postby FJCC » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:13 pm

There is a message on the dev mailing list concerning migration of the forum to new hardware and software

[FORUMS] Heads Up! Testing will be needed on Friday and through June 30th

Dave Fisher via
9:34 PM [19-June-2018] (16 hours ago)

to dev

Hi Forum Admins and interested parties,

The AOO PMC with help from Apache Infrastructure will be migrating and upgrading the Forums through the end of June.

This will proceed in two phases.

(1) Copying the current setup to new VMs. This should be ready to test on Thursday evening US time. I’ll need thorough testing of several of the forums by the admins. The version of the forums being tested may be from early May. I will be available in case any dependencies were missed. Look for details when ready on this thread.

(2) After the initial tests are complete the new VM will be upgraded to the latest phpBB. We will need to test that as well.

(3) Assuming all goes well then over June 30th weekend we will shutdown the current forum vas and migrate the data to the new, upgraded VMs.

Any questions? (I may not answer until Thursday.)

AOO 3.4 or 4.1 on MS Windows XP ( before 2013-08-03) or Windows 7
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Re: Forum maintenance coming soon!

Postby Hagar Delest » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:46 pm

Thanks for the info.
For the record, I'll be off line from Jun. 28th to Jul. 5th.

I hope that it will speed up the forum response that is a nightmare since last operation few months ago.
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