[Solved] Reporting bugs tutorial "patch"

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[Solved] Reporting bugs tutorial "patch"

Postby RGB » Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:59 pm

Some bits that can be used to update the [Tutorial] Reporting bugs or suggestions to the new BZ system.

Considering that there are lots of links to the old guide, I consider it is better to copy paste from here to the other guide instead of writing a new one. Points 1, 4 and 5 can remain as they are now. As you can see, on this "patch" there are a couple of "holes", but it is usable, I think.


2. Check that the bug or suggestion has not been reported yet

Go to the query page : https://issues.apache.org/ooo/
There are two ways to search for reports. The easiest (but less precise) is to introduce some keywords that identify the problem on the "quick search" box. The other is to click on Search on top left of the page: you'll see two search options, a "Simple Search" and an "Advanced Search".
  • "Simple Search", compared with "Quick search" gives you the possibility to select the "Product": "Word processor" for problems with Writer, "Spreadsheet" for Calc, etc.
  • On "Advanced Search" you can also select the component... (TO COMPLETE)

3. Here we are, let's file it

First, you need an Apache BugZilla (BZ, from now on) account: As the user database is different from the forum, you need to register. If your forum username has not been used by someone else in the Issue Tracker, you can have the same login/password. Now, click on New Account.

    IMPORTANT: The email address you use to register will be your user name on the system and will be visible for all registered users. If you want to maintain your principal email address private, create an account on one of the many free webmail services available on internet, like gmail, yahoo, etc. Don't use your private email to register on BZ.

Once the registration process is completed, check your mail account and confirm the registration. Now you can log-in on BZ using your email address as user name and the chosen password. With a click on New, top left on the page you can start to write your report.

Select the appropriate Product, like "Word processor" for Writer, "Spreadsheet" for Calc, etc. Each product have a small description that will help you which one to chose.

On the following page, select the component that show the problem. For example, if the problem is during the edition select "editing" or if the problem appears when importing and external format (like .doc) select "open-import": on the box called "Component description" you'll see a brief description that will help you to choose the right component.

Select the version on which you can see the problem under "Version". Versions are listed alphabetically, so it is possible you'll need to scroll through the list. For example, version 3.4.0 of AOO is identified with AOO340, while version 3.4.1 is identified with AOO341.

Under "Severity" select how bad you think the problem is. You have several options, from the worst ("critical" and "blocker") to the minor ones ("trivial")
  • blocker: use this option only for the errors that produce data lost, hangs or problems that prevent the program start
  • critical:
  • major:
  • normal: random hangs, menus that do not work on the advertised way... no data loss.
  • minor:
  • trivial:

Provide as many details as you can.
  • Write the "Summary" field as concise and precise as you can (this is the report title that will be shown near the bug reference when you perform a search).
    • NOTE: When writing the "Summary", the system will automatically search reports with a simmilar summary: if on the resulting list a relevant report is shown well, you don't need to go on... ;) just comment on that issue and vote for it.
  • On "Description" provide a detailed description of the problem, including the needed steps to reproduce it
  • Consider the possibility to attach sample files (documents, screen-shots...) with "Add an attachment" button
  • Review the provided information and when ready, click on "Submit Bug".

      When you complete the form not all the available field will be available unless you select "Show Advanced Fields", option that, perhaps, offers too many fields... an important field not shown on the default form template is "Issue Type", used to determine the kind of the report (error, enhancement request...). Unless you select "Show Advanced Fields" this field will be available only after you send the report. The possible values for this field are.

      The predefined value for this field is DEFECT, valid for error reports. If you are asking for an enhancement change this field for, well, ENHANCEMENT while if you are asking for something new or not implemented you can use FEATURE. The last two options are useful for developers so. Once the value for the issue type field is changed, you can press "Save Changes", adding something to "Additional Comments" if you wish.
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Re: Reporting bugs tutorial "patch"

Postby Hagar Delest » Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:15 pm

Many thanks, It needed indeed some rework!
I've added some information and change a bit the formatting, I hope it helps, else, I change it back to a more standard one.
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Re: [SOLVED]Reporting bugs tutorial "patch"

Postby RGB » Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:55 pm

I took some of your changes to my changes to change the original guide on the Spanish forums... positive feedback! :)
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