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Suggestion menu at home page

Postby kickshuff » Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:41 pm

I really like the new navigation for the OOo site, but there was one thing missing that I think would be useful for the developers. I think there should be a selection "I want to make a suggestion" added to the main page. Then have a separate forum focused on suggestions for 1.OOo Suite; 2. OOo Writer; 3.OOo Math; 4.OOo Impress; 5. OOo Draw; 6. OOo Calc; 7. OOo Base; and 8. OOo extensions. Whether these are GUI suggestions, accessibility suggestions, tool/macro/improvement suggestions, they will come in handy for the developers to create improvements for new releases, not just fixing bugs or creating their own improvements. Maybe the webmaster could appoint a person(s) to manage the site for prioritizing multiple suggestions within one thread (when applicable), and maintaining a comfortable setting within the forum, removing any inappropriate material, moving other non applicable threads to the general forum for misc rants and such, and maybe serve as a middle man to further communicate ideas and solutions. Of course, this idea doesn't have to stop there. This is just the beginning, there is more from what this suggestion comes from. I just wanted to prioritize my suggestions.
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Re: Suggestion menu at home page

Postby DrewJensen » Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:21 pm


Just a couple of quick points on your ideas.

First - the forum is not actually part of the OOo web site, so even though things here can filter back to the main project it is far from a given or a straight path. You suggestion would get more attention on the mailing list.

Second - there is a well defined process for individuals to do just what you propose. It is the Issue tracking system at Anyone that has registered with the main web site has the ability to enter a Request For Enhancement (RFE) in the tracking system - it may not be absolutely intuitive to do, but it is not overly complicated either.

Then again your approach would be much more 'approachable' I think for the average user.
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