Product comparison Question

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Product comparison Question

Postby jjh036 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:48 pm

I am new to Open Office and Libre Office. Are there any advantages or disadvantages between the two ?
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Re: Product comparison Question

Postby RoryOF » Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:26 pm

Both are free. Try them both, see which you like best. The choice may not matter to you.
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Re: Product comparison Question

Postby RusselB » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:07 am

I can't say that there's a significant advantage or disadvantage to either one.
OpenOffice has some things that LibreOffice doesn't, and vice versa.
From posts in the forum, LibreOffice has advantages in that it has more releases/updates over the (roughly) same time period vs. OpenOffice.
Additionally, to my understanding, LibreOffice has better compatibility with M$Office.
You don't have to pick one over the other, as you can (and I do) have both installed on the same system. You just need to figure out which one you want to be the default for files as the last one installed will be the default unless otherwise specified after both are installed.
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