MS Office to - how different are they?

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MS Office to - how different are they?

Postby lucky67 » Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:42 am

Sorry a really basic I know nothing long one .. :oops: ..(maybe I should split it into the relevant topics?)
Currently running MS office XP prof (2002) on Windows XP Prof - 10 yr old computer...struggling/dying and in need of a clean install ...thinking time for a new computer...especially as I am coming up to my busiest time of year...(I do the accounts for 4 small local charities - April is year end time!)
Whatever I get (thinking a samsung) will be Windows 7 home...So I can buy MS Office or I can try Open Office (like the spirit of it and the cost!)..I would play with Open Office now on this PC but I don't think it can handle it!
So how quickly can I be up and running with Open office - and can my files transfer easily? Can I just open MS files in an OO program and save as the relevant OO format??? How much more set up time will I need than if I just go for MS office? For instance...
I use Excel spreadsheets - with linked sheets within files and between files ..will these just transfer into Calc (assuming I can do this in Calc?) - or will I have to redo all the links etc?
I also have a few basic Excel Macros (mainly copying/pasting and reformat page for printing type)- realise I will have to do these again - they were made using 'record macro' - does calc have the same function ?
I have Access databases - pretty basic ones with contact details - I have queries set up to transfer certain contacts to other tables within the same database and deleting duplicates - can I do that in OO (Base?) and will I have to rewrite the queries?
Word (apart from .dot files for letter heads - which I know I might need to play with) I mainly use merge fields (data from access) to produce fee notes with basic calcs in a table - can I do this in Writer and will this transfer or do I need to rewrite?

I also use Outlook quite a bit - not really as an e-mail client but mainly as a calendar with task lists, notes etc - don't think OO comes with this (just realised that MS Office doesn't seem to either! - more expense!)? If I go down the Thunderbird (which I have now for archiving web based e-mail) with Calendar add on route will my recurring appointments and tasks etc transfer or will I need to re-enter them all (a mammoth task!)
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Re: MS Office to Open office - how different are they?

Postby kingfisher » Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:53 am

You will find that later versions of MS Office are quite different from the version you are using. I have used the 2007 version and it is the worst software of any kind I have ever used.

OpenOffice provides some functionality for dealing with MS documents. It does so by reverse engineering because MS's source code is secret. It will NOT enable you to process MS documents to the same extent as the MS software does. The VB coding does not work in OpenOffice. You will have to be prepared to invest a lot of time to make the transition to OpenOffice. If you want to know exactly what is involved, my suggestion would be that you have both software packages on your new machine and try out OpenOffice. Unless you can suspend ongoing work commitments for several weeks, you will need the MS software in my opinion.
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Re: MS Office to Open office - how different are they?

Postby lucky67 » Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:23 pm

Thank you - so not the time to be doing this now....although starting the new years (when I have to rejig my files anyway) with Open Office really sounds like a plan...
I was reluctant to buy MS Office if then I went onto to use Open Office...Now it seems like to get Access etc I would need to get MS Office Prof - lots of money and my main focus has been to use readily available software (not things like Quick books/Sage) so that the systems can be readily passed on when I am ready to move on (I do these as a volunteer - they couldn't afford to pay me! - or buy expensive software)... so Open office really seems the way to go...
I was led to believe (by sales people and MS) that I can't use my MS Office 2002 on Windows 7...but I have read that maybe I can...
If I can get both on my new computer fantastic and if not I think I will keep two computers going whilst I move over to Open Office...
Get ready for lots of 'how do I' posts in other areas of the forums...
Thanks again...
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