How do I insert a music video file in Presentation?

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How do I insert a music video file in Presentation?

Postby shanni » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:09 pm

Hello folks.
So I'm currently working on a presentation for my school lesson music which I have to talk about a band. I'm working with the Open Office Presentation (the similar to the Microsoft Office Power Point) at home. But I would also like to play a music video. (I'm not sure if it has been already asked but I better ask than browsing in the whole forum, for the case if it hasn't. :S)

So my question is, how shall I insert a music video file so it'd be able to play? I tried it via Insert >Movie and Sound>chose the file but then a message pops up with "the selected file format is not supported" or something like that. (I just translated it into english). The format of the video file is MP4.
I get the same message when I tried to inset a mp3 music file.. >-< im desperated. =(
Would it also work on Microsoft Office Power Point? Because my school only uses Power Point. >_<

I'm currently working with Open Office version 3.2 on Windows Vista.
I'd be really grateful for any help! Thanks in advance. >.<
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Re: How do I insert a music video file in Presentation?

Postby RoryOF » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:41 pm

Find a friend who has Powerpoint. Make your presentation in Openoffice, leave a blank slide for the music video. Save your presentation as type .ppt (Save As, file type MS Office 97/XP/2000, Automatic file name box to be checked). Take your presentation and video to friend's computer and there insert the music video; now save the presentation. Use that copy for class. Best to check it on another computer well before class to be sure it works.
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