Completely clueless re eyeOS and OOo

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Completely clueless re eyeOS and OOo

Postby sirebral » Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:06 am

I am a complete newb in this area. So I have what most would consider a stupid question.

Open Office. It cannot be installed on a shared host via an FTP client?

I rent my hosting space and this software that I was using has been pratically deprecated. eyeOS is a really cool software, but since eyeOS 1.5 Gala the software now requires Open Office.

So now for my second question. If question #1 is yes, How?. If question #1 is no, is there thought of integrating with eyeOS so the software is a complete package for it's users?
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Re: Completely clueless.

Postby acknak » Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:38 pm

eyeOS should provide installation instructions for you that include setting up, if that is required.

You can use FTP to copy the OOo packages to your hosting provider, but you need a shell account to do the install, even if you stick to installing as your user and not root (admin). I suppose, in a pinch, you could unpack the files on your home computer, then use FTP to place the files on your hosting account. That could be done without shell access.

However, this all sounds rather beyond what a "hosting" account is typically used for. I think you probably want to go in a different direction. Again, eyeOS should be the place to get help.
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