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Unrelated website question

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:09 am
by windowshater
Oh, a (little bit unrelated?) question, if I may?

I run a website too and for almost 10ys "income" (donations, amazon,...) has continued to drop like a stone, and every further year I've been struggling to keep it alive, paying all cost, not just "web hosting" you know, and it's a "full time job" as regards workload (technical side, content side, seo,....), leaves no chance to do a real job to earn an income, SO MUCH work it has become over the years to "plug the holes"/fix the problems everywhere...! :crazy:

Could you give some tips how you manage to keep running this forum, maybe? :oops:
I am always puzzled why/how everyone else seems to be doin well, but I fail.

PS: no content quality is not the issue if you thought that, the content is second to none, and google did send a lot of traffic until mid 2015 when they started their "mobile speed" craze and admittedly our site had had become so slow (plugins, nice features and such) that yes, bounce rate had increased to 90% with people using tiny mobiles...
- Now I made it the fastest site in its genre, but google doesn't come back to look, it seems... so, the site is hibernating, if that much (no "linkbuilding" ever done, no time)

Ah well, you can delete this if you feel such tips wouldn't belong here...

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Re: Unrelated website question

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:41 am
by Zizi64
NEVER continue a topic marked as "Solved". Make a new topic for your problems, even it is similar (or basicly different) to other topics. That topic was Solved for the original poster, and for the users those have some experience in the usage of the Calc.
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