[ARTICLE][Writer] LibreLatex an alternative to LaTeX

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[ARTICLE][Writer] LibreLatex an alternative to LaTeX

Postby laguionb » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:22 pm

Hi everyone,
I wish to share with you some OpenOffice and LibreOffice templates, in order to make a kind of WYSIWYG LaTeX. Here the presentation of it.

LibreLatex is a complex of LibreOffice templates used to create documents similar in appearance to LaTex's documents. The objective of LibreLatex is to merge the user-friendliness of LibreOffice with the elegance and professionalism of LaTex.
LibreLatex's different templates follow the formatting of LaTex's four different kind of documents (article, book, letter and report). They are compatible with LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
The templates are currently available in french and english on the project website : https://www.librelatex.org
LaTex's formatting and default font are incorporated into the templates.
The templates' use is simple, the title 1, title 2, title 3 LibreOffice/OpenOffice hierarchy follow the part, chapter, section LaTeX hierarchy.
Examples of files created with LibreLatex are available on the project website (https://www.librelatex.org/examples/)
In those examples, no line break or page feed has been manually added. Only the LibreOffice style management has been used to get the result.
LibreLatex is a free project in full development. Thanks for your reading, and if you have some questions, comment or improvement ideas, don't hesitate to share them !

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