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EC survey until the 18 June 2017

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 2:57 pm
by henke54 on May 19, 2017 wrote:Over the past decade, the way Europeans learn, work and recruit has changed significantly. The Commission wishes to ensure that those changes are reflected in EU services for skills and qualifications.

In this context, the Commission is assessing the needs, expectations and practices of end users of online tools for skills and qualifications such as Europass. End users include job-seekers, pupils/students, workers, employers, education or training providers and guidance and counselling advisors.

To reach this objective, the Commission is currently conducting a public survey to better understand end users’ needs for online tools in the field of skills and qualifications. This survey will help shaping the future developments of existing European tools and services related to education and employment. The answers will be used to build an understanding of potential functionalities for more user-centric services.

The survey has been launched today and will be active until the 18 June 2017. You can access the survey via this link:

Individuals, organisations and other stakeholders are all welcome to participate.

The survey is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Romanian.