Okular - PDF/DejaVu Reader

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Okular - PDF/DejaVu Reader

Postby RGB » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:04 am

Okular, part of the kde4 project (a Linux, BSD, etc, desktop), will be available for Windows and Mac with the release of kde 4.1, on a couple of months (if you are brave, you can test the win pre-release for this and another kde apps right now). It supports annotations, extraction of attachments... And not only reads pdfs: it can read postscript, dejavu, chm...
That's what I call and amazing program. And it is opensource. And is for free (as in freedom).

PD: This thread was originally a follow-up to other thread that talks about a proprietary pdf viewer, and then was separated. I wrote it with the idea that a board about an open-source app must gives preference to open-source apps.
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Re: Okular - PDF/DejaVu Reader

Postby sybille » Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:08 pm

FWIW, the annotation and highlighting features in Okular reflects changes to the underlying library it uses, Poppler.

The GNOME Document Viewer (AKA Evince), is based on poppler, too, and support for annotations and highlights is expected in the next release.

The extraction of attachments in Okular is neat - I don't think Evince can do that, and it doesn't seem to be on their roadmap of planned features.

Every now and again, I do run into a PDF that Poppler-based apps can't read. So I have Adobe's Acrobat Reader for Linux installed for those cases. But the free (open-source) software alternatives work perfectly for the majority of cases, and of course as free they are preferable!
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