suggestion re: passwords

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suggestion re: passwords

Postby jsowden » Thu May 01, 2008 11:07 pm

security is no good if it is not used. security is not used if it is not easy ...:
If a "password" is actually an encryption key, or as I understand, it is the encryption key for the encryption key, this should be stated, so we understand the level of security, after all, a password is minimal security. Secondly, as to the ease, when a file has been encrypted, so a "password" is required, the password entry box pops up to open the file.

Here's the suggestion part: clicking on "Help" should bring up:
If a hint exists, pop up a message to click to see the hint
else if no hint exists, pop up a message saying no hint exists
and then the existing link to OOo Help.

If people know they will be able to remember their passwords, they will be used more often. Remember there was a court decision about 1-2 months ago that connects releasing our encryption keys under subpoena power to our Constitutional Rights under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. I consider this an extremely important decision. This is another reason to use OOo. Who in the hierarchy of OOo cares about releasing my confidential data? Answer: No one. Enter Microsoft Corporation:
Why did the Justice Department drop the investigation of MS about 5 years ago? Was a back door into all MS applications part of the negotiations? Will we ever know? Am I overly paranoid? Better safe than not knowing.
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Re: suggestion re: passwords

Postby kingfisher » Fri May 02, 2008 7:03 am

IIRC, there is a help agent. I disabled it eons ago but it was enabled by default, again IIRC.

To put forward a suggestion for change in the software, you have to file a bug report. There is a tutorial on the forum about filing bug reports.

BTW, I've seen enough reports of files becoming corrupted when "password-protected" to make me wary of using that feature. I suggest you find a better way of securing your files.
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