Props, love, respect, thanking, etc...

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Props, love, respect, thanking, etc...

Postby jitterybit » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:37 am

I'm totally not a n00b but the forum outline says that if I'm not sure where to post, that I'm supposed to post here. But I kind of know what I want to post, but the post isn't appropriate for anywhere in particular.

I just want to thank the developers and anyone who's contributed to the OpenOffice project. I'm broke, and would like to donate money to the project, but I can barely afford the necessities of maintaining reasonable happiness in this overwhelmingly complex life, so ...

Respect, love and whatever terms would be appropriate to thanking the developers of OpenOffice. I use this program so much, it's my exclusive office software package. The math editor is da bomb. I love how quickly I can put equations into my reports, it just seems so natural to use. I can basically do whatever I want in OpenOffice, and I consider myself a power user. Maybe I'm not the uberpower user who makes extensive use of macros, but I basically do everything else. The PDF export is teh best thing evar, and I feel like I'm miles ahead of people using Office 2003. Otherwise, anything else I'd like to see in OO is already in the works. Definitely interested in seeing more integration of R into Calc though.

Keep up the good work. Anyone paying for MS Office these days is a moron. The overwhelming number of MS Office users use something like 1% of the available functions. We need to implant the OO virus into their minds and break their stubborn attitudes. I'm kind of at odds on how to do this, since I keep telling people about OpenOffice and they mindlessly keep using MS Office (lots of pirates though...). It makes no sense at all. I'm the person they come to for help, and I tell them I use OO, yet they still cite reason X as to why they use MS Office.

Come on people, reply with motivational comments to the OpenOffice crew or ideas on how to spread the OO mind virus.

Here's some techno mixes to work to for those that are into it:

Love from Freetekno Toronto,

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Re: Props, love, respect, thanking, etc...

Postby scotch81 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:39 am


I'm in the same boat, if I had the money to contribute I'd be donating millions.

The best thing I love about OO is the PDF feature, and I can't wait for v 3.0 to come out with the PDF Editing tool (I hope!).

Rock on OO, live fast and live long!
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Re: Props, love, respect, thanking, etc...

Postby keme » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:54 pm

Perhaps the "General" section is better, but no big deal, I guess. As for the subject matter, mostly I agree. Some perspective, though...

There are some packages that more or less force users to pay for MS Office, moron or not. I have seen engineering tools (CAD and the like), administration software for physical access control (doorlocks and alarms), business administration systems (sales, accounting, stock), calculation packages (for avanced analysis), and I'm sure there are many I haven't seen, that have no inherent data export facilities, but rely on the MS Office API exclusively for reporting, statistics and other. Those specialised applications are sometimes hard to avoid, because the choices of collaborators (whether business partners or enterprise policy) have an impact.

So while you are in every bit entitled to your opinion, you might want to think twice before generalising on the "moron" name calling.

I love the idea of a constructive mind virus, though. I'll give it some thought...
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Re: Props, love, respect, thanking, etc...

Postby Hagar Delest » Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:38 am

keme wrote:you might want to think twice before generalising on the "moron" name calling.

At work, I use the DataPilot feature in Excel. I need more than 50 columns as fields. OOo is limited to 8. What can I do?

NB: moved the thread to the General discussion forum.
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