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Postby r4zoli » Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:00 pm

As I understand it is possible to create additional language forum on this site:

It is possible to create ?

I know that now no such dedicated forum for OOo, only part of Hungarian Unix Site(, under Iroda (Office) forum contacted Hungarian NLC, and no plans for that and some earlier forums failed to live on OOo. was established in 2004, and not live because low or no traffic on them.
Today no direct need for dedicate hungarian forum, but if it possible to create I could spread a message on two mail lists, to research their thoughts.
I think nowadays more people use OOo in Hungary and such forum could live.

I not an IT people, I know that such forum needs administrator, and moderators. I will be one of them, for starts.
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Re: Hungarian Community Forum

Postby TerryE » Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:43 pm

Just for completeness of this post, Drew's response was as follows:

DrewJensen wrote:The simple answer is, yes this is possible.

The forum software has a Magyar language pack and template set for the theme used. Additionally a support forum for the phpbb software is at, so I would feel confident about the project.

OK - that brings us to our side. On the server side Terry, Clayton or myself would handle setting up the basic software and the routine maintenance functions. So you do not need to be an IT person as you say.

You are right on target with the largest requirement, a few individuals to handle the basic forum moderator functions and one to handle the administration. The administration tasks are carried out within a Control Panel and would relate primarily to:

Helping set up the actual forum structure - translate the name and description from English to Hungarian. e.g Writer, Discuss the word processor = ???????

( the actual structure of the site need not be identical to the English site actually, but it may make life simpler in the long run )

Some of the current forums, as you know, are links to user documentation. If you know of Hungarian translations for these manuals then that should be changed - or added perhaps.

Membership activities - for example adding a member to the moderator group. Also from time to time someone will try to log on to the forum with their user name and and up sending us email asking why it does not work - I would expect since their is a you will get a few of those - in those cases you simply need to respond to the email with instructions. This is a very low level activity actually.

OK - membership records ( the user tables in the database ) would be shared between all the forums. This means that once a person registers at en/forum they could also logon to hu/forum and vice versa. It also means that if there is any spam activity on either site and an account needs to be banned they would likewise be banned on the others.

There will be some ongoing need for translation. As we move forward there will be some modifications made to the basic features on the board, where those changes include new labels there would need to be Hungarian translations to move the feature to the hu forum. This would be fairly simple to handle I would think, we are talking about a few words or a phrase here and there.

So - yes, go ahead and ask around, if you find some interest then we can get to work no making that happen.

I was talking to Drew about this an hour ago. What we need here is a relatively lightweight set up cost for language communities so that they can quickly get started with minimum entry costs. Unifying Identification and access control would be a basic requirement to that users could toggle between their home language and the English or other forums without having to relogon. Also the current forum structure is probably a little over complex for smaller posting rates. We would probably want to have a standard but reduced set of topic forums, probably one per OOo package plus a general forum. The current system admin team could provide the basic service management but we would still need a couple of forum admins / moderators with proficiency in the local language.
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