Subscribing to mailing list via cgi-bin (very off topic)

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Subscribing to mailing list via cgi-bin (very off topic)

Postby huw » Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:09 pm

I visit a local arts cinema where you have to be a member. When I joined I gave them my email address which was successfully added to their mailing list, but after a few months I stopped getting the weekly emails.

I contacted the admin who checked my email address was "still on the list", and he even corrected the spelling of my name. That was back in October and I'm still not receiving the emails. It is a shoestring operation, and the admin is unable to help me further.

I'm guessing that I have somehow become unsubscribed, but that my details remain in the database, which is what the admin found. There is a link in the weekly emails, which looks like this (annonymised) :
to unsubscribe.

There is another link:
to edit my details. The password is the email address I should be subscribed under. It doesn't give access to any settings related to the mailing list, just my contact details.

The actual emails come "from" and have a "return-path" of, which is also the "received" address.

I don't think changing the email address in the contact details is an option, because they are tied to the member number, which in turn is used in the unsubscribe link.

There's also no way to subscribe from their website - I might get around all this by going there in person and paying to join again and using a new email address, but that seems extreme!

I have checked my spam filters and it's not in there.

I'm hoping that someone here recognises these cgi-bin link styles shown above, and can tell me how I might re-subscribe myself. I don't want to fire off loads of guesses, in case my email address or account is automatically blacklisted by the mailing list or database software.

I have already tried:
but they all returned "Wrong password !", although the page was headed "... member's mailout", so I might have been in the right place.

Sorry for the length of this post, and how off-topic it is, but I was trying to give all the useful information I could think of, and am relying on the board description: "Talk about anything at all...."
Any help appreciated,
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Re: Subscribing to mailing list via cgi-bin (very off topic)

Postby TerryE » Fri Jan 18, 2008 11:17 am

Huw, this is just std HTTP Post syntax. Without knowing the app, I can't tell you more.
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