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Getting bombarded with mails from you

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:19 pm
by rich99
I have been trying to cancel daily updates for months. I only have two email addresses and I have tried canceling on both/either of them.

I cannot get into the system to post on a group. It doesn't like my user name. I have tried richg99 and tried I don't normally use anything other than those two. PLEASE remove my email address from daily updates. I am traveling and cannot handle the extra mail. thank you.

Re: Getting bombarded with mails from you

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:23 pm
by TerryE is a support forum for OOo users run by volunteers to provide a support service for the users of OOo. This is one of a number of user services run by and there are independent forums such as This forum will only send you mails where you have requested and you can control what mails you receive through your User Control Panel.

If you are receiving a lot of emails, then you are probably confusing our forum feed with some other OOo related subscription service that you have signed up for: a push based service such as the OOo user digest (as opposed to this forum which is a pull based service). Most of these mailshots contain instructions on how to cancel the feed. So really what you need to do is to *read* one of these mails before deleting it and follow the relevant instructions. For example:

"To unsubscribe from the digest, e-mail:"

Re: Getting bombarded with mails from you

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:28 pm
by rich99
Thank you for attempting to help. This daily messages that I am still getting are coming from

The update that I received today is Users digest 14 Jan 2008 2003:49 0000 issue 6144

I will try to research the older but nothing in that title seems even a bit familiar to me. I MUST stop these updates as my travel related computer usage doesn't allow such non -essential messages to build up. I pay for my time when travelling by the minute. Every time I've tried to delete/unsubscribe and I follow the directions, I get the same confusing answer..... neither <my mail ID1> nor <my mail ID2> exist on the data base? Yet, the messages just keep on coming. They are a digest/ (very long listing of topics)...and each one has to be opened separately. I found out that my Outlook Express will not allow these messages to automatically be opened and that very day ( some many months ago ) I tried to STOP getting them. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Re: Getting bombarded with mails from you

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:31 pm
by TerryE
It sounds like you have Outlook Express set up to receive from multiple mail boxes and you may even have mail forwarding set up for old mailboxes that you don't even access directly anymore. You need to look at the To: address on the user digest line and note the mailboxID that the user digest robot is sending to. You must reply from this mailbox to, and not your default sending ID.

If you have no success at this, then forward to me (at this user id at one of the user-digest emails with a covering request to delete it and I will raise a case for you to have this deleted but this might take a day or two.

Enjoy your travels