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[Solved] Error Access2Base setValue with Firebird

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:15 pm
by tsultana
Using the OpenRecordset to AddNew a character type field (char or varchar) will produce an error with Firebird. This has been tested on Debian Linux 4.9 with LO 6.1.3 and Win10 with LO 6.1.1 with the same results. Attached is a working HSQLDB and not working Firebird example with the same code.

For the Firebird database the following code errors with the .Fields().Value line when it tries to setValue().
oRec = CurrentDb().OpenRecordset("char_pkey")
oRec.Fields("test").Value = "abcd"

I debugged the Access2Base code stepping into the following modules. Line 704 in _PropertySet() fails because _Precision is set to 0 so any length character field fails on error length. That is not the error reported on line 776 because the problem occurs earlier.

_Precision is a private variable in the module but is not set to a value anywhere and its only use is on line 704 below with the 0 initialization value. When I run the HSQLDB.odb example the _Precision variable has a value of 2147483647 (0x7FFFFFFF) so there may be a difference with initialization?

REM Access2Base:Field Module
17 Private _Precision As Long

127 Property Let Value(ByVal pvValue As Variant)
128 Call _PropertySet("Value", pvValue)
129 End Property ' Value (set)

623 Private Function _PropertySet(ByVal psProperty As String, ByVal pvValue As Variant) As Boolean

655 Case UCase("Value")

664 Select Case Column.Type

703 If Not Utils._CheckArgument(pvValue, iArgNr, vbString, , False) Then Goto Trace_Error_Value
704* If Len(pvValue) > _Precision Then Goto Trace_Error_Length
705 Column.updateString(pvValue) ' vbString

Watch Variables
_Precision = 0
pvValue = "abcd"
cstThisSub = "Field.setValue"
iArgNr = 1
psProperty = "Value"

The CurrentDB().RunSQL() works for both HSQLDB and Firebird
CurrentDb().RunSQL("insert into ""char_pkey"" Values ( 'abcd' )")



Re: Error Access2Base setValue with Firebird

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:05 pm
by Villeroy
Firebird is not compatible with Base, no matter how many APIs and wrappers you throw at it. Until now I have not seen any non-trivial LibreOffice Base document with embedded Firebird.

Re: Error Access2Base setValue with Firebird

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:43 pm
by JPL
@ tsultana,

thanks for having reported this bug.

A correction has been implemented (already on july '18) for LibreOffice 6.2: see
- ... ?id=121424 (your own bug report)
- and ... ?id=118680