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Google Drive in one click

Postby psilocybe » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:15 pm

Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop an UCP for Google Drive to make any Office Document on the Drive accessible in one click ...

Here is a first version for OpenOffice / LibreOffice.
See the installation instructions on the link:

Persistent problems:
- OpenOffice performs a document recovery after opening a Google Drive folder !!!
- LibreOffice has a General Error: General input / output error, when saving the document (File - Save) after claiming an undocumented property "TitleOnServer" ...

Things still need to be done:
- Folder creation is not implemented yet.
- File - Save As is not yet implemented.
- Updated modified files (Upload Google Drive) is not implemented yet ... I still have not found the right trigger.

I admit that I am stuck on the 2 persistent problems and any help is welcome ...
Thank you in advance.
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