Maximum version of Visual C++ for SDK integration?

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Maximum version of Visual C++ for SDK integration?

Postby kwalcock » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:08 pm


In various (outdated) documents I found reference to VS2003 and VS2008 being used with the SDK, so started my extension project using 2008. That is getting very difficult to find now with various links disappearing and Microsoft's registration server for it offline. I would like to move to the newest version of Visual Studio that is known to be compatible with OpenOffice. Does anyone know which version that might be? I have everything in my "solution" converted into projects with no command line operations necessary, so I'm not really concerned about whether the makefiles all work. I just need the SDK files to make it through the compiler and have the right memory layout, use the right calling conventions, etc. Who out there has the most up to date environment? I'm hoping that it's VS2015 so that I can make use of new standards.

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