Update url when creating extension with Netbeans plugin

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Update url when creating extension with Netbeans plugin

Postby johnrdorazio » Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:26 pm

When creating an extension with the netbeans plugin, in the Apache Open Office Properties for the project there is a field for the "update url". Can this be left blank as of the current 4.1.1 version of Open Office? Will it be automatically set to check for updates from extensions.openoffice.org? Or do I need to set a specific url? Is an update url automatically created on extensions.openoffice.org when I host an extension on the extensions webstore? Or should I create my own update xml file on my own webserver and point to that?

Because I have tried leaving it blank, but I am not getting update notifications in Open Office when I upload a new version of my plugin to the openoffice extensions website.
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