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[Writer] Extension : User Index Sorter

Postby B Marcelly » Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:34 pm

Writer documents can have one alphabetical index, or one alphabetical index per document chapter.
If you need several indexes to list other sets of terms, you will use user-defined indexes. But this kind of index cannot combine identical entries, and does not sort them alphabetically.

Extension User Index Sorter will sort the user-defined index tables of a Writer document (but will not combine identical entries). You can select which tables to sort, and it will be remembered in the document. The extension adds two menu items:
  • Menu Tools – Add-ons – Sort Options For User-Defined Indexes...
  • Menu Tools – Update – All Indexes And Sort User-Defined Indexes
This extension is compatible with LibreOffice.

User Index Sorter is downloadable from Apache OpenOffice Extension Repository.
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