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[Python] Python interactive shell emulator

Postby hubert lambert » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:58 am

In order to further make the development of python macros easier, I propose below a small script that emulates, as close as possible, the python interactive shell:


What one can do with such a tool:
- interact directly with a document and test "live" the methods of the uno api (maybe also useful for other languages, such basic)
- quickly verify python expressions in the context of the embedded interpreter
- display the output of a script running in parallel or started from the shell (all modules visible from the office program can be imported)
- debug a script using pdb's runcall function (will not work with scripts embedded in documents) :
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import pythonSamples.TableSample
- get quick info on any function using the builtin help() command
- explore living uno objects with introspection tools such as MRI or Xray (if installed)
- ...

To install the script, just unzip the file into the <user>/Scripts/python directory of your application.
A modal version of this tool should be available with the next release of APSO.

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