[C++]Modify UI Text by string resource id.

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[C++]Modify UI Text by string resource id.

Postby sandwen1985 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:43 pm

Hi every:
Recently I join a group to develop OpenOffice by SDK and I am newbie for OOo Development. I got to implement a feature: modify a protected cell tip message of table in writer with custom message. for example: if the cell of table is protected, when I want to edit the cell's content, it will show: Readonly Content cannot be changed, no modifications will be accepted. Now I want to set this tip message with custom message, like: The content of this cell is create by another author, you cannot change it!

I have searched Google for several days, :crazy: currently I think the way to implement this feature is modify the String Resource of OpenOffice by ResourceID, but the API of module com.sun.star.resource confused me, I don't understand how to get the XStringResourceManager interface and other service. The interface XStringResourceSupplier is marked as "not published". I tried to query interface from XModel and XDesktop, but I got nothing. I want to know is it possible to modify String Resource of OpenOffice, Or could you please tell me if you know the other solutions to make this feature?

My develop environment: windows 7 + VC++ + OpenOffice 4.1.0.

Best regards.
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