Remove extra line after insertTextContent

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Remove extra line after insertTextContent

Postby elchstern » Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:46 pm


I use to modify an AOO textdocument. But I get alwas an extra line at the end of my replaced textpart

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        oFound = oo.findFirst(oSearch)

        oText = oFound.getText()
        oText.insertTextContent(oFound, oGraph, True)
        fcFindInsertGraph = oo

replace the textmark with the oGraph (JPG Picture)

but afterwards there is an extra line after the Picture.
how can I remove this extra line ?

I tried to get the xTextRange at the end (createTextcursorbyrange(oFound.getEnd())
use this as cursor and expand the cursr just by one char and replace this with and empty string. But this deletes the next paragraph too !

What can I do ?
OpenOffice 3.1 on Windows Vista
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