StatusListener to track changes for toolbar controls

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StatusListener to track changes for toolbar controls

Postby othmanelmoulat » Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:59 pm

I read the sdk examples shipped with Libreoffice: ~ \LibreOffice 3.4\Basis\sdk\examples\DevelopersGuide\OfficeDev\DesktopEnvironment
the java examples at this folder try to give an example how to register statusListener events for multiple java.awt.Component(s) and handle events accordinly.
I'm looking for same functionality . i.e i need to track statusListener events for my custom dynamic toolbar . I build my tollbar dynamically adding XComponent(s) to XWindows of toolbar.
I need advice if this sample code is the best and most elegant way to listen for toolbar controls statusListener events? should i try addapt it and use it with XComponent in my toolbar? or is there a simpler way to listen for my dynamic toolbar status changes?
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