Zoom size for a sheet in calc

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Zoom size for a sheet in calc

Postby Manikandan » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:14 am

Dear all,

I am developing a VB Application to export data into a calc file. Here, I need to set the zoom size for a sheet. I have written the following code.
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        Dim oController As Object
        Set oController = oDoc.getCurrentController().viewsettings
        oController.ZoomType = 3
        oController.ZoomValue = 75

It does not set the size for a sheet . it set for the whole doucment.

Any help would be appreciated.



Please don't double-post the same question in different areas of the forum. I have locked this thread. Please continue the conversation in your previous thread. See: The Survival guide (TheGurkha, Moderator)
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