"New Window" on integrated OpenOffice.org

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"New Window" on integrated OpenOffice.org

Postby mle » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:40 pm


i integrated open office in an swt composite and now i want to implement a function similar to "new window". I need a second composite, which displays the same document as in the first and where all changes to the contents are synchronized. Here is what i am doing:

I create a XWindowPeer with a XSystemChildFactory. Then i create a new frame and load the document in it via frame.loadComponentFromURL(...)

For the second view i do the same, i create a new XindowPeer and a new Frame. Just this time i am calling on the already loaded component "createDefaultViewController(newFrame)" (XModel2) to create a second view for my document. However, this does not work. The second composite is empty and i do not see an open office document.

Any Ideas what i am doing wrong?
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