How to access general settings from Java

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How to access general settings from Java

Postby johnrdorazio » Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:19 pm

Can an add-on written in Java access Writer general settings?
In particular I need to access the current measurement unit set for the ruler, to know if for example it is in CM or Inches or MM...
This option can be set in the menu Tools -> Options -> OpenOffice Writer -> General -> Settings -> Measurement unit .
It can also be set by right clicking on the ruler itself. In this case, I have noticed that any change in the measurement unit by right-clicking on the ruler does not change the unit set in the above menu option, however any change in the menu option will be reflected on the ruler and it's context menu that pops up when right-clicking the ruler.
I wonder if these two paths should be better synchronized so that any change in one will be reflected in the other.
But in any case, how would this setting be accessed from a Java add-on?
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