Can't print database with AOO 3.4

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Can't print database with AOO 3.4

Postby lmoyer8214 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:26 pm

I am having problems when trying to get a database to print that I had with a previous version of Open Office. It comes up like it normally does, I select which item I want printed, click ok and nothing. If I print the report without selecting to print database information it will print. When I upgraded to the 3.4.0 i had to go in and manually change the location of javascript since it couldn't find it as well in order to open the database I had made with the previous version which should have been the one before this new release.

any help would be greatly appreciated. Need to get things printed and can't. Even tried to save it as a file, and it won't even create the file even though it comes up to enter location to save and file name to save as. once i click on save, the box disappears as though it is working, but go back to view the "saved" page and it isn't there.
OpenOffice 3.4.0, Windows XP
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