Base, MySQL and UTF-8

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Base, MySQL and UTF-8

Postby kmieciu » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:01 pm

I have a web app in php with MySQL database, both using UTF-8 encoding. I created Base forms to edit that database, but Base is reading and writing data using ISO-8859-2 encoding. I'm using MySQL JDBC driver (the one from Connector/J) which have encoding set to UTF-8 and generic JDBC driver with datasource set to: jdbc:mysql://host/db?characterEncoding=utf8 - the same result with both, ISO encoding instead of UTF. How to make Base use UTF-8 ?
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Re: Base, MySQL and UTF-8

Postby DrewJensen » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:35 am

Well, I can tell you only that this does seem to work properly for me with the following environment:

XP SP2 & Kubuntu 7.1
MySQL 5.0.11
MySQL JDBC 5.1.0
JRE 1.6.03 (Under XP ) - forget exactly where I am under Kubuntu but it is SUN JRE I use.

That said it does not mean that I have not run into problems - only that every time I have it turns out to be something like this.

I created the database and did not set the default to UTF8, then created a table and did set the default ( For the table ) to UTF8. Base now has a problem - even if you tell the JDBC driver to use UTF8 it still seems to auto detect the character setting - based on the overall database setting and not the per-table setting. Well, let me put it another way - twice I ran into the type of problem you describe and both times it seemed to be because of this scenario. Also, when I have had problems it has always been that the data would not post at all - an error would be raised. I have not the situation where it just corrupted characters.

In the cases where I created the database, default character encoding UTF8 and then did the same for the tables - then I have not had a problem.

Not sure that helps at all - just my experience so far.
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Re: Base, MySQL and UTF-8

Postby wurzel » Thu Dec 20, 2007 10:49 am


Apparently, you need to force unicode use by adding the correct parameter to your jdbc driver connection parameters.



PS: The issue also points here : ... ation.html

which contains another driver parameter setting as well that you might like to try.
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Re: Base, MySQL and UTF-8

Postby bk8133 » Thu Feb 07, 2008 1:25 am

Thanks !!!! :D .. the hint about enforcing utf8 on connection string helped a lot

I actually supposed that, but i couldn't figure it out where to put it.. :| .. NoW i knOw :lol:
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