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Losing data

Postby Nocton » Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:24 pm

I have a form for entering address data into a table in a split database. All has seemed to be going well, but just recently it was decided to re-arrange some of the data for foreign addresses so that the post/zip code was moved from the Post Code field into the Address4 field. It was then noticed that some of data was lost, even though it appeared to be OK on the entry form. That is, it had been entered, saved, but after going to other records and then returning the entered/moved data was not there. The user making the changes used 'drag & drop' and that appears to be the cause of the problem as when Ctrl-X and then Ctrl-V was used I could not replicate the problem. The form's data source was originally a query which allowed the data to be sorted and only current records included. I changed to the underlying table, doing the sorting and filtering in the form, but it made no difference.
Has anyone seen this problem before? Losing data in this way naturally tends to undermine the users confidence in the security of the data, so I'd like to ensure it is solved.
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