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Another missing hyperlink workaround

Postby gkick » Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:43 am

Not sure if this is the right sub forum ..

In addition to Villeroys brilliant solution to solve the missing hyperlink datatyp


I found another beautiful gem which may be useful to someone needing hyperlink functionality. ... i?id=51203

Visit above url and don t worry about it being in German, click details of the second entry named Try Form ... and then hit the download button.
(This will download an embedded db called CSV_Import_MailStart_DateiAufruf)

Open the odb and select the second-last form called Mail_Websiteaufruf_direct

Enter any url without the http(s) bit or enter a valid email-address, then click the link
Checkout the two Macros WebsiteAufruf and Mauszeiger

Now if you were to bind that textbox to some table field all you need to do to open a url or send an email is to click the textbox as per screenshot below.

Might be useful for someone
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