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Maximum form size

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:35 pm
by OpenMinded
I am new to Base, having used Access a lot in the past. Can someone tell me what are the maximum dimensions of a form? In design view on my MacBook, using full screen, the dimensions are about 13cm by 26cm (and scroll bars are then absent). If the size is fixed how do I go about adding a second page?

Pointers to documentation would be great. I'm finding it difficult to find relevant information.

Many thanks. :crazy:

Re: Maximum form size

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:54 pm
by UnklDonald418
Due to the myriad of possible monitor sizes and resolutions, then add zoom factors to the equation, a maximum form size in Base is an illusive target.
Base forms do not directly support multiple pages.
In my experience, when there are more form controls than will fit on a screen, the first thing to look at is if the database tables are normalized. Often, normalization will allow some fields to be moved to other database tables and displayed on SubForm table controls with scroll bars.

A Base Handbook can be downloaded from
beyond that, look at the Tutorials and Examples areas of this Forum.

Re: Maximum form size

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:00 am
by OpenMinded
Thank you for the pointers. I'll look into those.