How to pull data from several tables and use it to populatea

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How to pull data from several tables and use it to populatea

Postby jpoblocki77 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:28 am

I am trying to build a form for my virtual business. I rent virtual aircraft and what I want to be able to do is have a form that I type in a customer name and it pulls up in grid format all the entries about him. What aircraft he/she is renting payments made and payment date account notes the whole works.
Here is my current table structures.

Customer Table
Customer Number Integer Primary key Auto Value
Account Number Text Varchar
First Name Text VarChar
Last Name Text VarChar'
E-Mail Address Text VarChar
Company Text Var Char

AIrcraft Table
Sotck Number Integer Primary key Auto Value
Registration Number Text VarChar
Airplane Make Text VarChar
Airplane Mode Text VarChar
Engine Type Text VarChar
# Of Engines Text VarChar
Engine Hrs Time Time
AIrframe Hrs Time Time
IFR Equipped Boolean
GPS Equipped Boolean
AP Equipped Boolean
Declared Value Number Numeric
Monthly Charge Number Numeric
Service Fee Number Numeric
Lease Terms Text VarChar
Lease Start Date Date
Lease End Date Date
Leased to Text Varchar

Payments Table
Payment Number Integer primary key auto vale
Registratration Number Text VarChar
Payment Date Date Date
Payment Type Text VarChar
Pament Amount Number Numeric

Notes Table
Note Id Integer Integer primary key auto value
Registration Number Text Varchar
Note Memo LongVarCHar

What I want is a form that I would type David Johnson in and in one grid it would give me all the information about the airplanes he is leasing in another grid it would give me all his payment information and in the third grid would be any attached notes that there might be.M I am thinking I will have to create a new table and manually populate the information for this, but there has to be a faster more efficient way.

Please remember I am brand new to database creation and am not familiar with all the lingo so if you help please explain as you would explain to a three-year-old. So that it is easy and simple to follow. A step by step process would be great. if you would like a copy of the database to see how i have it set up just shoot me a message and ill get you a copy. Any help is appreciated as I have been beating my head against this for about 4 hours with absolutely no progress./ I am wondering if I have to somehow set relationships or something for all this to work. its possible but alas I am completely unsure.

Thanks for the assistance!

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