Validity/Conditional Drop Down Lists in Base

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Validity/Conditional Drop Down Lists in Base

Postby cstoll » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:06 pm

I have been researching this, and have seen that what I want is possible in calc, but I haven't come across any topics for this in base.

I'm creating an artifact catalog for archaeology in anticipation of some large upcoming projects.

What I would like is based on my first field of "Artifact Type" (historic, prehistoric), to then have other fields drop down list options change accordingly.

For instance, if 'historic' is chosen in "Artifact Type", in the next "Subgroup" field, I would like the options to be kitchen, architecture, transportation, furniture, etc.
If 'prehistoric' is chosen in "Artifact Type", I would like the "Subgroup" dropdown options to be lithic, ceramic, fuel, etc.

Thank you in advance for any help. Please let me know as well if this is only possible in calc. I was hoping to use base for the query abilities for analysis, but I'll switch to calc if necessary.
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Re: Validity/Conditional Drop Down Lists in Base

Postby Villeroy » Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:59 pm

Macro driven: ... 83&t=46470
Free of macros: ... p?id=27954
The clean version works in the same way as "power filtering". Search this forum for "power filtering". It involves a filter table with a numbered record to store criteria values that are used to filter form contents or list box contents.

My latest "power filtering" example: ... 10#p416210 technically it is very similar to the cascading listboxes.
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