Editing a Text box with 'Multiselection' property

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Editing a Text box with 'Multiselection' property

Postby spiv » Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:29 am

Hi there,
I created a simple database for Contacts.
I used the Wizard to create a data input form that contains all the fields, one of them is called "Notes".
When I went to input data in this field, the text was in one line in the centre of a 12 x 3cm box, not wrapping, but in a long straight line.

I opened the database main window, selected the form and clicked the 'Edit' button.
I the edit mode, selecting the "Notes" text box invokes a 'Multiselecton' where both the text box and its name (Notes) are selected.
If I try to resize the textbox, its name goes out of alignment with the rest of the form. :crazy:

Basically it appears to me that the text box and its fieldname are somehow 'grouped' and should be 'ungrouped' in order to edit their properties (ie: wordwrap etc).

Can someone help me edit this form please?
Keep smiling
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Re: Editing a Text box with 'Multiselection' property

Postby RPG » Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:28 am


You can select a grouped control when you press the control key on your keyboard.

There are two sub forums for Base one for Tutorials and one for examples you can find there a lot of information

More to read
I think a good starting point can maybe this [Tutorial] Forms in OpenOffice.org Base. You can find there also links to other tutorials. Not all tutorials are even important for you

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