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Header chapter titles carry over to next chapter

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 8:24 pm
by Patch
Hi, I have a 250 page book that I am trying to format for KDP publishing and am following their 'kdp build your book, paperback interior formatting' June 2018 instructions, which are in word, but I'm working out how to do them in OO
The front matter pages are in one style, have no header or footer.
The chapter pages are in another style. Chapter 1 starts at Page 1, even though it is actually page 25, so I have got that far.
I am trying to add chapter titles to the header. I can do this. Insert-Fields-Other-Chapter-chapter name. But for some reason, the title of the previous chapter is on page 1 of the following chapter. I also had 'Part 1' as a header on chapter 1. I have no no idea why this is happening and have run out of webpages to look at.
Please help

Re: Header chapter titles carry over to next chapter

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:13 pm
by RoryOF
If your Chapter Heading (usually Heading 1 style, but this can be changed) occurs halfway down a page, the chapter heading in effect when the page is drawn is placed in the header. If the Chapter heading is the first line of text on a new page, then it will be placed in the header for that page.

My own method around this is _always_ to commence a chapter on a new page, in my case always a right-and page. Such a Chapter Page (my defined Page Style) is set to start on a Right page, and has the chapter heading inline in the text, but in a defined display style (often Heading 1); that page does not need a page Header to define it. I place, for those pages only, the page number in a footer, centred, below the text body.

You should play with Page Styles and a short test file until you arrive at a suitable layout.

 Edit: There are possibly other tricks one can use to get the effect you require, but I'm too tired to work these out now.