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[Solved] ott template creates docs without odt extension

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:35 pm
by peace worker
My OS is Windows XP and OO is 2.4. I have searched OO help for an answer to my problem on and off (mostly on) for two days with no success so I really hope someone out there can help me with this.

I have created some custom templates for a document of several hundred pages which I migrated (joyfully, I might add, despite the learning curve) from MS Word. After the initial document conversion, which appeared seamless, I created a new trial template from the document and made a variety of changes in the styles that encouraged me to think that OO is infinitely easier and more logical to work with than Word (hardly surprising). Then I updated it and created a second trial template with a new name just to make sure I hadn't messed something up (being new at OO). Both templates generated documents with .odt extensions. Feeling really confident, then, I created a third template that is to be the final version to which I subsequently made extensive changes. As far as I can tell, my revised styles are entirely consistent and behave predictably. However, the third template does not generate documents with .odt extensions, although it replicates all the correct styles.

For the documents generated without extensions, in the File > Properties window, under the General tab, the property "Type" is listed simply as "Type: File" rather than "Type: OpenDocument Text" as it would be if it had an .odt extension and as one would assume would be produced by an .ott template. Although the file opens and appears as it should, saving it with "Save As" fails to create a new file with an .odt extension. I am mystified and am also certain it is something I did or did not do but have exhausted my vocabulary of keywords. My searches have all come up dry but I feel like I'm missing something you could drive a truck through.

Needless to say, any help will be gratefully received.

Re: ott template creates docs without odt extension

PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:32 am
by Hagar Delest
-> [Solved] Saving as unknown file?

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Re: [Solved] ott template creates docs without odt extension

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:50 pm
by peace worker
Funny, how you can drive a truck through a check box!! I need to revamp my keyword vocabulary...

Thanks very much, Hagar de l'Est!