How to save templates or something permanently.

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How to save templates or something permanently.

Postby businessman332211 » Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:59 am

I am really frustrated with this right now. I have been trying to do one seemingly simple thing for almost 4 hours. I just want to be able to sit down and set the data in the Open Office Writer. Something like maybe change some page layout information, or move around the ruler some. I do all of this and when I close and open the page it's not showing up the way I left it. I tried everything. The closest I can get was doing the changes in a template and setting it by default. When I open a "NEW" file it's styled like I want. I want new pages I open even that were already made (txt files specifically is what I am talking about here) then I want the same defaults to happen. I write walkthroughs for and I want the page margin or whatever set so I can't type more than 78 characters on any given line. I figured out how to set that but the stupid thing never stays. I tried setting a template and making it default and it's ok for new pages but when I open one of my existing walkthroughs it's back to that same stupid default page. ANy advice?
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Re: How to save templates or something permanently.

Postby acknak » Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:32 am

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