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Printing mailing labels

Postby DianeD » Sat Apr 05, 2008 2:52 am

Is there a way to add additional label sheet numbers to the drop down list of choices for sheets of labels purchased commercially? None of the choices corresponds to the sheets I use.

Thank you.
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Re: Printing mailing labels

Postby acknak » Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:11 am

It is surely possible--there's nothing secret in OOo--but it was not designed so that normal users can just add more to the list.

Could you tell us which products you're using? Do they have a web site?

Have you checked with the manufacturer? The products you're using may have equivalents that are already in the list. The manufacturer may provide cross-references for their products with others that are in the list. E.g. most manufacturers will cross reference their products with the equivalent Avery product.

Probably the best way to proceed is to officially request that the products you're using be added to the list that is distributed with OOo. You can find out more about how to do that here: [Tutorial] Reporting bugs.

If you don't feel quite up to filing a request, just say so. Maybe someone else here has some time to do it.

If you file a request, it's not likely to be acted on anytime very soon--there's just too much other stuff to do. In the meantime, you can make your own template by modifying an existing one that's similar to what you need, or the manufacturer may provide a template that you can use.
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