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2nd color on Extrusion of shape using code Dosn't work

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 12:11 pm
by richard_jazz
COLOR EXTRUSION. on windows 10
I have now been able use extrusion of a shape using the (libreBASIC) API EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion Service using a property values [ ] struct at least in part. So given a shape object say oShape (triangle) then as above property values NAME “Extrusion” VALUE (TRUE)...Works extrudes shape.
NAME “Projection Mode” VALUE ( PERSPECTIVE) doesn’t work it always extrudes PARALLEL.

However my main concerns is NAME “ExtrusionColor” VALUE (TRUE) on or off it always takes the main oShap.FillColor. The doc quotes ‘"SecondFillColor" is used as extrusion color’ if TRUE. Looking on X-ray at shapes there is a FillColor2 i.e. oShape.FillColor2 = color2. This extrusion doesn’t take this color2 on a code/macro but does appear to show the color extrusion as FillColor2 when done manually using menus and viewed on x-ray.

Out of interest has to how far we can go using API,s (we could be pushing the limit here) if anyone knows why 2nd color extrusion isn’t working on the API ? I’d be grateful.