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Draw: create custom pagenumbers

Postby musikai » Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:21 pm

In Draw pagenumbers only can start with 1.
Here is a workaround if you want to start with another number.

If it doesn't exist this macro creates a textshape called "pagenumber" on the Bottom Center of the 1st page with a number "1" inside and creates and assigns a Style called "pagenumbers".
Then it will duplicate the object on all subsequent pages at the same position, Size and Style and increase the number by 1.
You can change the Position, Size, number of the object on the 1st page and just run the macro again to update all other pages.
Other properties can immediately be changed by editing the Style "pagenumbers".

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sub create_custom_Draw_pagenumbers
if not ThisComponent.StyleFamilies.getbyname("graphics").hasbyname("pagenumbers") then
oStyle = ThisComponent.StyleFamilies.getbyname("graphics").createInstance("com.sun.star.style.StyleFamily")
oStyle.ParaAdjust = 3
oStyle.FillStyle = com.sun.star.drawing.FillStyle.NONE
oStyle.LineStyle = com.sun.star.drawing.LineStyle.NONE
end if

for ig =0 to oDrawpage.count-1
if OriginalShape.name = "pagenumber" then exit for

if ig=oDrawpage.count then
OriginalShape = Thiscomponent.createInstance("com.sun.star.drawing.TextShape")
    With OriginalShape
      .Position = CreatePoint(oDrawpage.Width/2-500,oDrawpage.Height-oDrawpage.BorderBottom-1000)
      .Size = CreateSize(1000,1000)   
      .Name = "pagenumber"
    End With
    OriginalShape.Style = ThisComponent.StyleFamilies.getbyname("graphics").getbyname("text")
   OriginalShape.Style = ThisComponent.StyleFamilies.getbyname("graphics").getbyname("pagenumbers")
   OriginalShape.ZOrder = oDrawpage.count-1
end if

for i=1 to oDrawpages.count-1

for ig =oDrawpage.count-1 to 0 step -1
if existingTextShape.name = "pagenumber" then  oDrawpage.remove(existingTextShape)

oTextShape = Thiscomponent.createInstance("com.sun.star.drawing.TextShape")
    With oTextShape
      .Position = OriginalShape.Position
      .Size = OriginalShape.Size     
      .Name = "pagenumber"
    End With
    oTextShape.Style = ThisComponent.StyleFamilies.getbyname("graphics").getbyname("text")
   oTextShape.Style = OriginalShape.Style
   oTextShape.ZOrder = oDrawpage.count-1
   oTextShape.SizeProtect = True
   oTextShape.MoveProtect = True

end sub

Function CreatePoint(ByVal x As Long,ByVal y As Long) As com.sun.star.awt.Point
  Dim oPoint
  oPoint = CreateUnoStruct("com.sun.star.awt.Point")
  oPoint.X = x : oPoint.Y = y
  CreatePoint = oPoint
End Function

Function CreateSize(ByVal x As Long,ByVal y As Long) As com.sun.star.awt.Size
  Dim oSize
  oSize = CreateUnoStruct("com.sun.star.awt.Size")
  oSize.Width = x : oSize.Height = y
  CreateSize = oSize
End Function
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