OOBasic Picker Dialogs

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OOBasic Picker Dialogs

Postby JeJe » Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:21 pm

'A library of picker dialogs.

'********************************LIST OF MUDULES IN LIBRARY

'AAUser - test dialog SEE THIS FIRST
'CalM - Date Picker module
'CgCls - Color Palette class
'cM - Simple Calculator Module
'ColM - Color Picker Module
'ColPM - Color Palett Module
'FntM - Font Picker Module
'HlpM - Helper functions module
'LpM - listbox Picker using listbox class
'MgM - message box module
'SClsP - scrollbar class for scrollbar controls
'SCM - Special Character Picker module
'sLCls - listbox class from scratch with labels (more display options)
'TM - time Picker
'TMm - timer Picker menu

'********************************/LIST OF MUDULES IN LIBRARY

'Calculator uses Eval function By: Aldo Vargas

'color picker uses hsl to rgb and rgb to hsl functions from
'from VBSpeed by Donald (Sterex 1996), donald@xbeat.net, 20011124
'(very slightly adapted to run in OO)

'generic sort collection from http://www.source-code.biz/snippets/vbasic/6.htm
'Author: Christian d'Heureuse (www.source-code.biz, www.inventec.ch/chdh)
'License: Free / LGPL

'Clipboard function
''by Sébastien C
'' viewtopic.php?f=21&t=93562
'and from
'original link http://hermione.s41.xrea.com/pukiwiki/ on that page not found

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