[Basic, Python] Reporting all number format locales

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[Basic, Python] Reporting all number format locales

Postby Villeroy » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:45 pm

The following code dumps info about all number format locales into a new spreadsheet. In addition it formats the first 1024 columns of each row (until column IV) in the "General" number format of the respective locale so you can test the input patterns and default appearance of dates and times etc.
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Sub printAllLocalesToNewSpreadSheet()
Dim oDoc, oSheet, i18n, oInfo, a(), b(),i%, oItem, nf&, nfs&

oDoc = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/scalc","_default",0,Array())
oSheet = oDoc.getSheets().getByIndex(0)
nfs = com.sun.star.i18n.NumberFormatIndex.NUMBER_STANDARD

i18n = createUnoService("com.sun.star.i18n.LocaleData")
a() = i18n.getAllInstalledLocaleNames()
dim r(uBound(a()) +1)

Const cCols = 7
r(0) = Array("Locale","Language","Country","Decimal","Date","Time","1000","List")
For i = 0 to uBound(a())
   oInfo = i18n.getLanguageCountryInfo(a(i))
   oItem = i18n.getLocaleItem(a(i))
   b() = Array( _
      getLocaleString(a(i)), _
      oInfo.LanguageDefaultName, _
      oInfo.CountryDefaultName, _
      oItem.decimalSeparator, _
      oItem.dateSeparator, _
      oItem.timeSeparator, _
      oItem.thousandSeparator, _
      oItem.listSeparator _
   r(i +1) = b()

nf = oDoc.NumberFormats.getStandardIndex(a(i))
oSheet.getCellRangeByPosition(0, i+1, 255, i+1).NumberFormat = nf
oSheet.getCellRangeByPosition(0, 0, cCols, uBound(r())).setDataArray(r())
End Sub

Function getLocaleString(oL)
dim s$
s = oL.Language
if len(oL.Country) then
   s = s &"-"& oL.Country
   if len(oL.Variant) then s = s &"-"& oL.Variant
End If
getLocaleString = s
End Function

 Edit: Sorry to the first 15 viewers. I forgot to paste helper function getLocaleString() 

 Edit: Just in case someone prefers Python: 

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import uno

class Office:
    '''Frequently used methods in office context'''
    def __init__(self, ctx=uno.getComponentContext()):
        self.ctx = ctx
        self.smgr = self.ctx.ServiceManager
    def createUnoService(self, service):
        return self.smgr.createInstance(service)

    def getDesktop(self):
        return self.smgr.createInstanceWithContext("com.sun.star.frame.Desktop",self.ctx)

    def getCurrentComponent(self):
        return self.getDesktop().getCurrentComponent()

    def getCurrentFrame(self):
        return self.getDesktop().getCurrentFrame()

    def getCurrentComponentWindow(self):
        return self.getCurrentFrame().getComponentWindow()

    def getCurrentContainerWindow(self):
        return self.getCurrentFrame().getContainerWindow()

    def getCurrentController(self):
        return self.getCurrentFrame().getController()

    def callMRI(self,obj=None):
        if not obj:
            obj = self.getCurrentController().getSelection()
        mri = self.createUnoService("mytools.Mri")

def getLocaleString(oL):
    s = '-'
    a = [oL.Language]
    if oL.Country:a.append(oL.Country)
    if oL.Variant:a.append(oL.Variant)
    return s.join(a)

def printAllLocalesToNewSpreadSheet():
    office = Office()
    StarDesktop = office.getDesktop()
    oDoc = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/scalc","_default",0,tuple())
    oSheet = oDoc.getSheets().getByIndex(0)
    i18n = office.createUnoService("com.sun.star.i18n.LocaleData")
    a = i18n.getAllInstalledLocaleNames()
    cCols = 7
    r = list()
    for i in a:
       oInfo = i18n.getLanguageCountryInfo(i)
        oItem = i18n.getLocaleItem(i)
       b = (
        rc = len(r)
        nf = oDoc.NumberFormats.getStandardIndex(i)
        oSheet.getCellRangeByPosition(0, rc-1, 255, rc-1).NumberFormat = nf
    oSheet.getCellRangeByPosition(0, 0, cCols, rc-1).setDataArray(tuple(r))
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