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Box Drawing Characters

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:24 am
by JeJe
Code to draw simple boxes with box characters round non-proportional font text such as used in the IDE or in a plain text document.

Simple test creates a Writer document with some boxed text based on an array of strings. Put in a module and run test 1

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'     ╔══════════════════╗
'     ║This is an example║
'     ║  of box drawing. ║
'     ╚══════════════════╝

sub test1
   oDoc = Stardesktop.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/swriter", "_blank", 0,Array())
   wait 200
   'font needs to be non proportional and support then unicode box characters.
   'not "Courier New" is a Windows font
   oDoc.currentcontroller.viewcursor.charfontname ="Courier New"
   sarray=array("This is an example","  of box drawing. ")
   'boxchars = "┌─┐││└─┘"
   boxchars ="╔═╗║║╚═╝"
   'boxchars ="░░░░░░░░"
   'boxchars ="▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"
   'boxchars ="████████"
   'boxchars ="$$$$$$$$"
   'boxchars ="▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"
   'boxchars ="@@@@@@@@"
   boxRoundStringArray(odoc,sarray,boxchars ,"'     ")
end sub

sub  boxRoundStringArray(doc,sarray,boxchars ,prestring)
   for i = 0 to ubound(sarray)
      leni= len(sarray(i))
      if leni >mx then mx = leni
   otext = doc.gettext
   tc = otext.createtextcursorbyrange(otext.getstart)

   tc.string =prestring & mid(boxchars,1,1) & string(mx,mid(boxchars,2,1)) & mid(boxchars,3,1)
   oText.insertControlCharacter(tc,, False)

   for i = 0 to ubound(sarray)

      st =prestring & mid(boxchars,4,1) & sarray(i)
      v = mx-len(sarray(i))
      if v>0 then st = st & string(v," ")
      st =st & mid(boxchars,5,1)
      tc.string = st
      oText.insertControlCharacter(tc,, False)


   tc.string =prestring & mid(boxchars,6,1) & string(mx,mid(boxchars,7,1)) & mid(boxchars,8,1)

end sub

Test 2 uses a different approach - first create some paragraphs consisting of lines of space characters in a blank Writer document. Then make a selection using the block selection mode. The macro draws the boxes on by replacing space characters with the box characters.

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sub test2

   '│Call insertSpacedlines             │
   '│in a Writer document               │
   '│to add some lines full             │
   '│of spaces. Write something         │
   '│using overtype mode.               │
   '│Use BLK select mode to             │
   '│select round it. Then choose       │
   '│a pattern and call drawboxBlKSel.  │
   '│A non-proportional font will be    │
   '│needed.                            │
   boxchars = "┌─┐││└─┘"
   'boxchars ="╔═╗║║╚═╝"
   'boxchars ="░░░░░░░░"
   'boxchars ="▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"
   'boxchars ="████████"
   'boxchars ="$$$$$$$$"
   'boxchars ="▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"
   'boxchars ="@@@@@@@@"

   insertSpacedlines(20,40) 'CALL THIS FIRST IN A NEW WRITER DOCUMENT
   'select a rectangle using BLK select mode
   'THEN COMMENT OUT that line and uncomment the below line and run
'   drawboxBlKSel boxchars
end sub

sub insertSpacedlines(no,width)
   st=string(width," ")
   tc = otext.createtextcursorbyrange(otext.getend)
   for i= 1 to no

      tc.string =st
      oText.insertControlCharacter(tc,, False)

end sub

Sub DrawBoxBlKSel(boxchars as string)
   dim boo as boolean

   on error resume next
   w =
   for i = 0 to  w.accessiblecontext.getaccessiblechildcount -1
      a =w.accessiblecontext.getaccessiblechild(i)
      with a
         if .getselectionstart <> -1 then
            if not boo then
               boo = true
               startline =i
            end if
            .replacetext .getselectionstart ,.getselectionstart+1,mid(boxchars,4,1)
            .replacetext .getselectionend -1 ,.getselectionend,mid(boxchars,5,1)
         end if

      end with

   a =w.accessiblecontext.getaccessiblechild(startline)
   with a
      .replacetext .getselectionstart ,.getselectionstart+1,mid(boxchars,1,1)
      .replacetext .getselectionend -1 ,.getselectionend,mid(boxchars,3,1)
      st = string(.getselectionend-.getselectionstart-2,mid(boxchars,2,1)
      .replacetext .getselectionstart+1,.getselectionend -1,st
   end with
   a =w.accessiblecontext.getaccessiblechild(endline)
   with a
      .replacetext .getselectionstart ,.getselectionstart+1,mid(boxchars,6,1)
      .replacetext .getselectionend -1 ,.getselectionend,mid(boxchars,8,1)
      st = string(.getselectionend-.getselectionstart-2,mid(boxchars,7,1))
      .replacetext .getselectionstart+1,.getselectionend -1,st
   end with

End Sub

Edit: removed some surplus code I didn't remove in the test2 listing.

Re: Box Drawing Characters

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 3:47 pm
by JeJe
This code will convert a simple texttable in Writer to a box character based version for text files displaying non proportional fonts.


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   '│ │ │
   '│ │ │

   'put cursor in a simple single lines of text regular texttable
   'and it will be converted to a box character version and disposed
sub test
   ch = "┌┐└┘─│┬┴├┤┼"
   'ch = "░░░░░░░░░░░"
end sub

sub converttable(ch)
   cc = thiscomponent.currentcontroller
   vc = thiscomponent.currentcontroller.viewcursor
   if isnull(vc.texttable)=false then
      t = vc.texttable
      st = gettablestring(t,ch)
      thiscomponent.currentcontroller.selection.getbyindex(0).string = st
   end if
end sub

Function GetTablestring(t,ch)
   if ch ="" then ch=  "┌┐└┘─│┬┴├┤┼"

   cols = t.columns.count
   rows = t.rows.count

   dim colwidths(cols -1)

   for x = 0 to cols -1
      for y = 0 to rows - 1
         ll= len(t.getcellbyposition(y,x).string)
         if ll>colwidths(y) then colwidths(y) = ll

   tot =-1
   for x = 0 to cols -1
      tot =tot + colwidths(x) +1

   blankrow= mid(ch,9,1) & string(tot,mid(ch,5,1)) & mid(ch,10,1) & chr(13)
   firstblankrow = blankrow
   lastblankrow = blankrow
   n = 1
   for x = 0 to cols -1
      n= n+colwidths(x) +1
      mid(blankrow,n,1) = mid(ch,11,1)
      mid(firstblankrow,n,1) = mid(ch,7,1)
      mid(lastblankrow,n,1) = mid(ch,8,1)

   mid(lastblankrow,len(lastblankrow) -1,1)=mid(ch,4,1)

   tst = firstblankrow

   for x = 0 to cols -1
      tst  =tst & mid(ch,6,1)
      for y = 0 to rows - 1
         st = t.getcellbyposition(y,x).string
         st = st &  string( colwidths(y) - len(st)," ")  & mid(ch,6,1)
         tst = tst & st

      tst = tst  & chr(13)
      if x <> cols -1 then tst = tst & blankrow

   tst = tst & lastblankrow
   gettablestring =tst

End function

Re: Box Drawing Characters

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:23 pm
by JeJe
This code converts a texttable where the cells can have more than one line of text.
The test sub needs a document with a texttable and also a frame after it for the result.

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'Converts a table to a matching text only version
'with box characters for the borders
'needs a non-proportional font such as Courier New

private type stringarray
   sts() as string
end type

sub test
'create a document with a single table
'and add a text frame after it sized big enough for the result to be added to it

   'boxchars ="╔═╗║║╚═╝╣╠╬╦╩"
   boxchars = "┌─┐││└─┘┤├┼┬┴"
   'boxchars ="░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░"
   'boxchars ="▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"
   'boxchars ="███████████████"
   'boxchars ="@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"
   'boxchars ="             "
   'boxchars ="•••••••••••••"
   'boxchars ="............."

   doc = thiscomponent

   st = GetTableString(doc,doc.texttables.getbyindex(0),boxchars)

   with doc.textframes.getbyindex(0).text
   .string =""
   .createenumeration.nextelement.CharFontName = "Courier New" 'we need a non-proportional font
   .text.string= st
   end with
end sub

Function GetTableString(doc,t,boxchars)
   dim c as long

   ubc= t.columns.count -1

   ubr = t.rows.count-1

   dim ii(ubc,ubr) as stringarray
   dim maxlens(ubc)
   dim maxrows(ubr)

   for i = 0 to ubc
      for j=0 to ubr

         ii(i,j)=new stringarray
         with ii(i,j)

            txt =t.getcellbyposition(i,j).text

            vc = doc.currentcontroller.viewcursor
            mxr =0
               tmp= ii(i,j).sts
               redim preserve tmp(c)
               tc = vc.text.createtextcursorbyrange(vc)
               tmp(c) = tc.string
               ii(i,j).sts = tmp
               lenvc= len(tc.string())
               if lenvc >= maxlens(i) then maxlens(i) =lenvc


               if equalunoobjects(vc.text,txt) = false then exit do
               mxr =mxr +1

            if mxr > maxrows(j) then maxrows(j) = mxr

         end with


   for i = 0 to ubc
      ll= maxlens(i)

      for j= 0 to ubr


         redim preserve tmp(maxrows(j))

         for l = 0 to maxrows(j)
            st = tmp(l)
            if len(st) < ll then st = st & space(ll- len(st))
         ii(i,j).sts =tmp

   st = ""
   tleftc= mid(boxchars,1,1)
   trightc= mid(boxchars,3,1)
   bleftc= mid(boxchars,6,1)
   trightc= mid(boxchars,8,1)
   vline = mid(boxchars,4,1)
   hline = mid(boxchars,2,1)

   crossline = mid(boxchars,10,1)
   firstline = mid(boxchars,1,1)
   endline = mid(boxchars,6,1)
   for i = 0 to ubc
      crossline = crossline & string(maxlens(i),hline)
      firstline = firstline & string(maxlens(i),hline)
      endline = endline & string(maxlens(i),hline)
      if i <> ubc then
         crossline = crossline & mid(boxchars,11,1)
         firstline = firstline & mid(boxchars,12,1)
         endline = endline & mid(boxchars,13,1)
         crossline = crossline & mid(boxchars,9,1)
         firstline = firstline & mid(boxchars,3,1)
         endline = endline & mid(boxchars,8,1)
      end if

   st =firstline & chr(13)
   for j = 0 to ubr
      for mx =0 to maxrows(j)
         st = st & vline
         for i = 0 to ubc
            st = st & ii(i,j).sts(mx)
            st = st & vline
         st = st & chr(13)
      if j<> ubr then   st = st  & crossline & chr(13)
   st = st  & endline
End function

Re: Box Drawing Characters

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:46 pm
by JeJe
The table code has been improved a little and put in the attached extension.

Install extension. Run MyMacro JeText/AAA/ShowBoxCharacterDialog

Shows dialog to make non-proportional text documents from writer document
Including converting tables to aligned text and added spaces for the paragraph indent
Also tools to enter text upon a series of blank-space lines
Help is the tooltips

Usual caveats, use at own risk, work in progress, consider preliminary code etc.