Determine csv import filter options

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Determine csv import filter options

Postby ms777 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:51 pm

... this is a repost from the old It helps you if you want to automatize the csv import with non trivial import options

Good luck,

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Sub Main
sUrl = ConvertToUrl("C:\Users\Martin\Downloads\test.csv")
sResult = GetFilterOptionsFromCSVImportDialog(sUrl)
msgbox sResult
End Sub

function GetFilterOptionsFromCSVImportDialog(sUrl) as String
GetFilterOptionsFromCSVImportDialog = ""

oSFA = createUNOService ("")
oInputStream = oSFA.openFileRead(sUrl)

Dim aProps(3) as new
aProps(0).Name = "FilterOptions"
aProps(0).Value = ""
aProps(1).Name = "URL"
aProps(1).Value = sUrl
aProps(2).Name = "FilterName"
aProps(2).Value = "Text - txt - csv (StarCalc)"
aProps(3).Name = "InputStream"
aProps(3).Value = oInputStream

'o = createUnoService("")
o = createUnoService("")

if o.execute() = then
  aPropOut = o.getPropertyValues()
  GetFilterOptionsFromCSVImportDialog = aPropOut(0).Value
end function
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