OOBasic Dialog Resizing button

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OOBasic Dialog Resizing button

Postby JeJe » Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:20 pm

This is to get round the problem of OOBasic dialogs not being resizable by the user.

This resizing button allows resizing of a dialog by pressing the button with the mouse or using the arrow keys when the button has the focus. You just need to install the extension and copy and paste the button from the dialog there onto your dialog. Optionally you can use the button's tag to set options such as calling a custom resizing sub for when your form resizes.

There is some excellent code here for a resizable border,
but I've had a problem with the non-modal dialog version.
So this button is an alternative.

Note only tested in OO
Library with code is called JeDialog

resizing dialog.jpg
Dialog Resizing Button.oxt
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